When Doxy offered to send me their wand, I was absolutely thrilled. I’ve spoken in the past of my love for wands and how important they are to my sexuality. I’ve definitely heard people rave about how powerful it is, but I want to know, is it enough for me?  Would the Doxy become my one true wand?

The Doxy Massager is a large wand with a soft PVC head. Doxy states that it is non-porous, latex free and phthalate free. It is available in 4 colors, black, white, pink & purple (which I have). It has 4 speed settings, which according to Doxy, range from approximately 3000 to 9000 rpm. It also has an escalating pulse setting, the speed of which can be adjusted. It has a 12 foot power cord, so no extension cord needed.

When the Doxy showed up on my doorstep, I wasted no time getting it unboxed. I immediately laid out a few towels, some dildos for testing, some lube, and of course, the Doxy Massager. I stripped down, laid back, turned it on, and pressed the head against my frenulum. Instant arousal. I slid a dildo inside me, but within moments, I slipped over the edge. A ridiculously easy, and quite satisfying orgasm. Every time I’ve used the Doxy, it’s been that easy to get myself to orgasm. And there has been a lot of testing.

Of course, I just had to compare it’s power to my Magic Wand. The Doxy seems to go to a higher level intensity, but just like on my Magic Wand, the higher settings on the Doxy are more buzzy and to me, that feels a bit numbing. On the levels I prefer, the lower, rumbly levels, both wands feel very similar to me.

Would I recommend the Doxy Massager? Absolutely. If you need powerful vibrations, this doxy-white-lightwand has you covered. It’s strong, well built, comes in multiple colors, and the company that makes it, is absolutely wonderful. They specifically requested Trans* reviewers for their products. How awesome (and rare) is that? But if you already have a Magic Wand or something similiar, you may want to hold out, unless you need more high powered buzzy vibrations. In which case, the Doxy offers a step above the Magic Wand.

I actually spent a long time figuring out how I wanted to word my review, but I think I was overcomplicating things. It’s super simple. I love my Doxy Wand. I am more than happy to grab it, every time I want an orgasm. I can’t get off without powerful vibrations, and the Doxy provides what I need and then some.

So simply put, if you don’t own a wand, and you like (or need) powerful vibrations, go buy this wand.

The Doxy Wand can be purchased here SheVibe | Tantus | Lovehoney

The Doxy Massager was sent to me by Doxy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.