The Bootie by Fun Factory packs a decent amount of sensation into it’s minuscule design. I picked up the Bootie for myself after hearing a consistent amount of good reviews across the blog sphere. Read on for more details.

The Bootie is a small silicone butt plug by the German company Fun Factory. Silicone is easy to clean, but should only be used with water based lubes. The silicone on the Bootie is ultra soft and very flexible, meaning it will conform to the shape of the body easily. The flared base fits nicely between the cheeks and is quite comfortable, even in a sitting positon. The finish is matte and attracts dust and hair like crazy, so I usually rinse it off before use (as well as clean it after each use, obviously).  The plug has a maximum diameter of 1.1″ which should make it easily manageable for almost everyone, although those who favor larger sizes (myself included), may find that this toy isn’t very filling. The toy has a maximum insertable length of about 3″. I have it in violet, and it is also available in black.

I will admit, that I had low expectations for the Bootie. It’s small size is far below what I 20160919_180641-croppedwould usually enjoy, but I’d heard great things. The plug slides in effortlessly with minimal lube, but if you need more, please use it. To my great surprise, I found that the shape of the Bootie rested perfectly against my prostate, a rare thing indeed. The Bootie provided a subtle pleasure, with each of my movements causing the plug to brush gently across my prostate. It is quite comfortable to wear for extended periods, and it’s small size meant I could insert it in seconds. This is where its small size proved an advantage, as I could put it in during even my short free moments. It’s not a toy that brings me to orgasm, or get’s me anywhere near it, but I consistently enjoy wearing it. As it is silicone, it is easily cleaned with soap and water, boiling, a 10% bleach solution, or the dishwasher.

The Bootie is a very enjoyable small silicone plug. It’s comfortable and feels lovely to wear for long periods of time. This isn’t a large toy, so it should be easily manageable for most people. However, if you like larger toys, this may not be the best fit for you. I would recommend it for anyone who is interested in anal play. And if you are new to anal play, the small size of this plug could be a great way to start exploring.

The Bootie can be purchased at SheVibe

Note: It seems that this toy is now called “Bootie – Small” and is only available in Black or Bordeaux. It is also available in medium or large, but I have not had the chance to review those.