Fun Factory Tiger G5 Black Line Vertical

Not only did I get a Tiger G5 to use in my giveaway, I also received one for review. Over the past few weeks, I’ve tested it out, making sure I captured every detail. I’ve finally finished my write up, checked every sentence. So here it is, my Fun Factory Tiger G5 review!

How It Looks

The Tiger G5 is a black silicone vibrator with a plastic handle. Like many other Fun Factory products it uses the “Click N’ Charge” magnetic chargers. This means I can charge my Tiger G5 with my Stronic  Drei cable. Yay for cutting down on clutter! With the same 3 button layout found on other new Fun Factory toys, it’s easy to select vibrations and patterns. Holding the “Fun” button turns it on Tiger-G5-in-Box,-trasnparent-backgroundand pressing  it again at any time, turns it off. The dedicated on/off button is something I’m a big fan of, as I hate having to cycle back down through vibration levels. The “Plus” and “Minus” buttons cycle through vibration and patterns, starting from the lowest level. The toy has ridges along the top and it’s not something I’m a huge fan of. I’ll talk more about that later. The silicone finish easily attracts dust, it always had stuff on it, no matter how often I cleaned it.  The Tiger G5 has a maximum diameter of 1.5″ and an insertable length of 5″. It’s also fully waterproof.

How It Feels

Fun Factory Tiger G5 Purple HorizontalInserting the Tiger G5 always gave me a bit of difficulty, due to the ridges. It’s frustrating and not a toy that I can just slide in effortlessly. I need to either warm up with a slightly larger toy or take it slow at first. Neither of these options really appeal to me, because I’m impatient.  Turning on the vibrations, I found them pleasantly deep, but not the most powerful. I definitely enjoyed it, but I always longed for higher levels.  I didn’t expect this toy to be enjoyable while thrusting, but I had no issues once fully warmed up. The combination of motion and vibration felt lovely against my prostate.  I did have some qualms though. The firmness of the silicone, or lack thereof, meant that some of the vibrations got lost in the toy. Also it meant that I couldn’t aim it directly at my prostate. The softness allowed it to just flex out of the way.

Final Thought

The Fun Factory Tiger G5 is an enjoyable and anal safe vibrator. I found it comfortable and easy to use. I liked that it was silicone, rechargeable, and fully waterproof. It has easy to operate controls and the vibrations are rumbly. While not the most powerful, I still found it highly enjoyable. Just note, size royalty may find this toy to be lacking.

The Tiger G5 was sent to me by Fun Factory in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

The Tiger G5 can be purchased at: Fun Factory | SheVibe