Greenish Blue Sparkly Ambit
I’ve been staring at the Godemiche Ambit for what seems like forever. Every time a new color would pop up in my feed, I just needed it. It wasn’t until fairly recently though, that I finally had a chance to review one.  I had some big worries about it’s small size, but it had amazing coloring and an appealing shape, so I took a risk. And I am really glad that I did. Read on for more details.

The Ambit is a silicone toy produced by the toy company Godemiche. It is body safe and easy to clean. As I mentioned, it’s smaller than my normal selections, hitting barely 1.5″ at it’s widest point and 5.6″ long. The toy is firm, but less so than the silicone on the T-Rex and A-Bomb by Tantus. The shaft is stable but I can bend it easily. Built into the base is a suction cup, which I’ve found to be fairly strong on most smooth surfaces. The Ambit has a slight upward curve in it’s shaft and rounded head that appears almost flat, which looks really good for prostate use. But for this toy, it is  the colors that catch my eye. I see Godemiche on social media, and they are constantly putting out new colors. When I requested my Ambit, I didn’t even really look much at what color it was, I knew I liked them all. But once it arrived, I was in love. It’s sparkly and gorgeous and I spent quite a long time staring at it. The silicone has a very glossy finish, and it picks up every speck of dust and dirt.

The glossy finish seemed to require a lot of lube, but due to it’s small size, it slid in very easily. And it slid right up against my prostate. No aiming involved, I
just pushed it inside of me and it Horizontal Sparkly Green Godemiche Ambitlanded perfectly on target. I barely had to thrust to get intense stimulation. It’s not as sharp as the ridge on my T-Rex, or as weighty as the Pure Wand, but it still is impressive and very enjoyable. I tested it in my shower using the suction cup and I was impressed at how strong it was. I rode it as hard as I could and it didn’t move an inch. While it’s short length means that I can thrust as deep as I want, it  does make it slightly hard to grip at times.

The Ambit is a really good toy. Despite it’s small size, it hits my prostate perfectly and precisely with minimal effort. It is enjoyable, easy to manage, and packs a punch. And it truly is absolutely gorgeous.

The Ambit was provided to me by SheVibe in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

The Ambit by Godemiche can be purchased here: SheVibe