20160820_185325_Cropped.jpgThe A-Bomb is a very large silicone butt plug made by Tantus. I purchased mine after hearing it mentioned on a few other blogs and website. I’ve had the opportunity to use it quite a few times since its arrival, and so far, I really like it. Read on for more details.

The A-Bomb by Tantus is made entirely of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone. This of course makes it body safe, non-porous, and very easy to clean. While I chose mine in red, it is also available in black. The silicone has a matte finish across the entire toy and the silicone is very firm. This means it has almost no give to it, which can make insertion a bit difficult. Also, as it is silicone, please make sure to only use water-based lubes to avoid damage to the toy. I prefer Sliquid Sassy, and quite a lot of it. The matte silicone seemed to drink lube as fast as I could pour it on. The finish did not seem to attract hair or lint. There are no seams along the toy and no defects at all. It has a flared base that fit easily between my cheeks, although there was slight discomfort from sitting at certain angles. The plug has an insertable length of about 5″ which for me was the perfect size and I had no poking or discomfort.  This is a very large toy with a maximum diameter of 2.5″ narrowing down to 1.7″ at the neck. For reference, The Vamp is 1.7″ at its widest and the T-Rex is 2.25″ at its widest, so this is big.

When it arrived in the mail, I was super excited and of course, had to try it immediately. This is the largest toy I have ever owned (or used) and I was anxious to stretch my limits. After cleaning the toy properly, I applied a massive amount of lube and proceeded to carefully insert it. The firmness of the silicone quickly became apparent, as the toy did not give in the 20160820_184545_Cropped.jpgslightest to my body. After quite a bit of time, and a lot more lube, it finally slid in. The pressure on my prostate was so intense, that I had to lay on my stomach for a few minutes before I was able to sit back up. I was so aroused by said pressure at this point, that I quickly grabbed my wand and brought myself to orgasm, popped the toy out and resolved to try again later. The second attempt went nearly the same as the first. On my third try, I made a pact, no masturbation until chores were done, so I could feel what this plug was like for extended wear. As I pulled up my panties and got dressed, I quickly discovered that I walked like a duck while wearing this plug. It isn’t because the size of the base, but rather the incredible fullness makes it hard to keep my legs straight. Although, after wearing it for a bit, I have been able to walk with a semblance of normality. As I went about my chores, I was extremely aware of the size of this toy. This is not a plug you put in and forget. No this plug makes itself known with every single movement. The other think I noticed was that with every bit of motion, the pressure of this toy milked my prostate and by the time I was through with my chores, my panties were quite soaked. Even though it’s so filling and noticeable, it is quite comfortable to wear for long periods of time, although I do have to put extra lube around the neck at times. It stayed in without any problems. When I do choose to get off with this toy inside me, orgasms are long, strong, and intense. Removal is very easy, although it’s just as intense as insertion. Just take care to remove slowly or it will pop out which can be quite overstimulating and perhaps even painful. Cleanup is super easy, just wash it with soap and water, use a 10% bleach/90% water solution on it, or my favorite, throw it in the dishwasher.

On a side note, I think that this toy makes my butt look bigger and super sexy. While that may just be in my head, I absolutely love it and have taken quite a few pictures of my butt with it in, since I received it.

The Tantus A-Bomb is a wonderfully large plug, and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is comfortable with large sized toys. Please take your time and use plenty of lube with this toy. Tantus is great, sex-positive, toy company and I highly recommend them for this and other toys.

The A-Bomb can be purchased here Tantus | SheVibe


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