The Vamp No BackgroundI purchased The Vamp by Tantus for my own personal use and decided to review it on my blog. The Vamp is a thick, mildly textured silicone dildo, with a flared base that makes it safe for anal play.

I saw this toy and was instantly hopeful that its decent girth and prominent head would make for a wonderful thrusting toy. Read more to get the details.

The Vamp is made by Tantus, and they make all of their toys using their blend of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone. This makes this toy easy to clean, dishwasher friendly, and body safe. Remember though. since it is silicone, you should be using a water based lube with this toy. It is harness compatible, but does not have a suction or spot to mount one. It comes packaged in a white box with Tantus markings. Inside is a clear plastic clam shell that holds the toy. The Vamp is 7.5″ from tip to base, with about 6.75″ of that being usable for insertion. The toy averages 1.7″ diameter along the shaft, hitting it’s widest point of 1.75″ wide at the coronal ridge. The silicone flexes a bit along the shaft, but has very little give when squeezed.  The finish is smooth and glossy along its entirety. There are no seams, pour lines, or imperfections on the toy. As for detailing, it features mild grooving along the shaft and a prominent coronal ridge. I have the toy in the color purple haze (it’s also available in cream), which while simplistic at first glance, is nuanced and beautiful, with many slight variations in the coloring.


The Vamp required a decent amount of water-based lube, but otherwise was easy to insert. Some people might need a warm up toy with this, but for me it’s the perfect starting size. The head fit in nicely, sliding  easily past the sphincter, with the slightly narrower shaft allowing my muscles to relax around it. The decent girth of toy definitely gave me a satisfyingly full feeling. Due to the length, I was  unable to insert the toy fully. When thrusting with the toy, each stroke brushes the coronal ridge along the prostate. While not as intense as say, the Pure Wand, it was still very noticeable, and I really enjoyed it. My orgasms with this toy (and a vibrator), were strong, and the girth of the toy felt great as I clenched around it. Again, as it’s silicone, cleanup was super quick. Just throw it in the sink and use some soap and water.

The Vamp has been a joy to use. While it isn’t always the final toy I use, it’s definitely become an everyday choice for me. I haven’t used it in a harness, but I do worry that the extra length could lead to a bit of pain if the partner weren’t delicate. This toy offers a decent amount of depth for those who want it, a nice girth, and very enjoyable prostate stimulation. The Vamp is a well made, body safe toy, and I definitely recommend it.

The Vamp is made by Tantus and can be purchased here  SheVibe | Tantus