Flip 0 closed, sitting vertically
It’s not often that I get to review something that I’ve never tried before. I’ve usually had some experience and so have an idea of what to expect. The Tenga Flip 0 is a masturbation sleeve and that places it squarely in the “New Experience” category. Until recently, that’s not a type of toy that I’ve had any interest in reviewing. But I felt that it was something I needed to try, so I reached out to Tenga and they were kind enough to send me the Flip 0 to try out. I’ve done a lot of testing since it arrived on my door and I’m ready to tell all of you about it. Read on for more details.

What It Looks Like

I didn’t have any prior experience with masturbation sleeves, so I didn’t really know where to start looking. But when I asked some fellow bloggers for some good recommendations, Tenga was one of the first companies that came up. After a bit more discussion, I decided on the Flip O and reached out to Tenga by e-mail. Their response was quick and helpful; within 36 hours, my new toy was on its way to me. A few days later, there was a box on my doorstep. The toy sat on a white plastic base, surrounded by a clear protective shell. Inside sits the Flip 0 itself, and is made up of plastic slide arms, support structure and opaque TPE. The slide arms serve to keep the toy closed when in use and provide a better vacuum seal. They also serve as a stand for drying.

Sliding off the locking rails and pressing in the plastic sides allowed me to open the toy. Inside was a wonder of textures. Bear with me as I do my best to describe them.  Immediately inside the entranceBreakdown of all sections on the Flip 0
is a texture that Tenga calls the “Ripple Dome.” This consists of a dome with a ripple shaped pattern along the top of it. Up next is the “Ridge Wall,” a series of horizontal ridges that taper in size. The “Triple Chain Gate” is up next, and this one is harder for me to describe. Basically there are 3 rings of identical texture which encircle the entire sleeve. The “Layered End Orb” is the final texture. Yes, it’s at the end, and yes, it does consist of a series of textured, layered orbs.

What It Feels Like

I opened up the Flip 0, coated every bit of it with Sliquid, folded it closed, and slid on the locking rails. I carefully applied lube around the opening and slid myself inside. I’m just going to come right out and say, wow. The various textures rubbed against every part of my head and shaft, creating an almost overload of sensation. I’d like to say that I could tell the difference between each of the textures, but that would be a lie. Everything blended together, and very smoothly at that. The buttons on the side are to increase pressure and suction, which it did, but to me, it just wasn’t that noticeable.

I would like to point out that I was unable to experience all the textures that the Flip 0 offered. During testing, I realized that I wasn’t long enough to reach the “Layered End Orb,” but this didn’t take away from the toy at all. I have tested this toy a lot and never once did I think, “Wow, this would be so much better if I could just reach that Flip 0, open drying on slide rails.orb.” Instead, I just thought “Wow!,” every single time.

Clean up is simple, but a bit tedious. I rinsed out every bit of lube, patted it dry with a towel, and then set it out to dry. It was usually dry within 12 hours. This may be awkward for those of you who don’t have as much privacy as I do, but it’s definitely important. Do not put this toy (or any really) away wet.

Final Words

After all of my testing, I struggled to find the perfect wording to wrap up this review. Eventually, I realized that a simple yes summed up my feelings perfectly. Yes, this toy is great. Yes, I highly enjoyed this toy. And yes, I would certainly recommend this toy to others.  Part of me would like to remind myself that this is my first experience with a masturbation sleeve, and thus I have nothing to compare it with. But, I know that the Flip 0 feels very good, regardless of my lack of data.

But there is just one little thing. Tenga markets their masturbation sleeves as “Male Pleasure Technology.” I am not a male, but shockingly, this toy works just fine for me. Labeling it as they do is pointless and only serves to alienate people from what is really an excellent toy. It’s not a deal breaker, it’s so easily fixable, but I definitely need to mention it.

The Flip 0 was sent to me by Tenga in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

The Flip 0 can be purchased here: SheVibe