20160809_003540.jpgThe Magic Wand Original needs absolutely no introduction, as this toy has a long and well reviewed history. That being said, this wand has had a great deal of impact in my personal sex life, and I wanted to take a few minutes to explain why this toy is so important to me.

First off, let me state that this is not a review. This piece is intended more as an explanation of why the wand has become a very important piece of my life.

Let me state it simply: This wand gave me a way to bring myself to orgasm, easily, without ever having to touch my penis. This has been absolutely been huge for me. When I was younger, masturbation was awkward and uncomfortable to me. For me as a woman, a penis is not something that fits my image of my body. I was mostly comfortable to use it with someone else involved, but to just sit there playing with myself, that held no appeal. I adore anal play, but it was hard to enjoy it when I felt that the only way I could finish was by using my hands. Every masturbation session would end the same, with me feeling intensely uncomfortable with my own body. I’d tried vibrators (cheap little things), but none of them were powerful enough for me. All this obviously led to a huge amount of frustration over the years. My dysphoria ruled everything, and my sex life was no exception.

For those that don’t know, gender dysphoria is the intense distress caused by the disparity between the body I was given (male) and the gender that I am (female). The depth of it is uniquely different among those who are transgender, but for me it is quite often overwhelming.  While this is evident in all parts of my life, the difference between my actual genitals (penis) and what I should have (vulva) is often where I struggle the most. And it made masturbation miserable.

Then I heard about the Magic Wand. And once I’d heard about it, it seemed that everywhere I looked, another person had another set of great things to say about it. The first time I ordered, I did so from a less than reputable vendor. It looked like a Magic Wand and was absolutely underwhelming in every way. I couldn’t stop moping. I asked myself “How could this be the vaunted vibrator?” After a long month and a bit of research, I finally came to the realization that I’d bought a knockoff. So I promptly ordered myself a real one from a proper shop.

20160809_003803_modifiedWhen it arrived I could immediately tell the difference. It was much heavier, and the build quality was vastly improved. I plugged it in and was absolutely floored. This wand could strip orgasms from me with ease. Pressing the head of the wand against my genitals, the vibrations coursed through me, and I felt at ease. For once, it felt normal. My toes curled as my mind relaxed, I easily pushed myself over the edge. My first orgasm with the Magic Wand was like a revelation. It felt good! And I enjoyed it. The normal disgust that I felt with my body, for once it wasn’t dominant. It changed the way I felt about masturbation.

The Magic Wand helped to change the way I enjoy myself, and obviously the way I get off. To be able to give myself a quick orgasm through my clothes, or to take some time enjoying my growing collection of toys, that was a newfound freedom. It helped me to grow comfortable with masturbation, and greatly enhanced my enjoyment of my sex life. Because of that, I was able to start this blog. So for me, the Magic Wand has played a huge role in helping me be sexually happy and healthy. The freedom my wand has given me, the freedom to enjoy sex, that truly has changed my life.

I don’t consider this a review. There are many great wands out there and I have only tried one. But if you are dead set on getting one, both the Magic Wand and the Doxy Wand have earned high praise from the blogsquad.

You can purchase the Magic Wand Original here: SheVibeGood Vibrations

You can purchase the Magic Wand Rechargeable here: SheVibeLovehoney | Good Vibrations

You can purchase the Doxy Wand here: SheVibeLovehoney