Hi! I’m 28 years old, AMAB, and I prefer the pronouns She/Her. I’m 3 years into transition, and pre-op (for now at least). I started this blog because I want to find and review toys that work for my body, and work well for my mental health. To put it simply, I want to find sex toys that fit me.

The Backstory

I love sex toys, love finding new ways to increase my pleasure. I remember going to buy my first toy and having no idea what I was doing. Over the years, I figured out what fit me best, and what to avoid. I started following other blogs, getting a better view on what I was looking for. But none of those blogs seemed to have me quite in mind. There are toys reviewed for men and toys reviewed for women. Being a pre-op transwoman, certain women’s toys just won’t work for me, and certain men’s toys, just don’t fit with me. I wanted to give that perspective, toy reviews from a queer trans-woman’s point of view. Thus, “Insert Trans Here” was born.

The Blog: Insert Trans Here

This is a blog, written from a queer trans-womans perspective, dedicated to reviewing every kind of (body-safe) sex toy that I can fit in my body. I want to find what feels best for me, in every way. I understand that not every toy will work for every person, so these are the toys that work for me. If it’s meant to enhance my pleasure, then I mean to try it.

My toy collection currently consists of all body safe materials, with my current favorites being the Njoy Pure Wand and the Tantus T-Rex. I am a size queen, and always enjoy stretching myself and my limits. I consider myself attracted to all pretty things, and am always willing to try out new things.

The views on this site are strictly my own.

Just like any site, I have operational costs. If you want to help support this site, or would like to help me get to Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, you can donate here!