Luxe Arielle in vertical position no backgroundThe Luxe Arielle is a dual stim vibrator and the first toy I’ve had the opportunity to review since my surgery. This made for some really interesting experiences and while I didn’t particularly enjoy the toy, I did have a great time testing it. I learned a lot about the toy as well as my body. I found it really helped me to figure out exactly what I wanted post-op. In the end, the toy turned out to be not all that great, but I still had a fun time.

How Does It Look

The Arielle is a silicone dual stim vibrator made by Blush Novelties. It uses two triple A batteries, so I definitely wasn’t expecting super rumbly vibrations. It’s silicone is smooth with a very satin finish that feels quite lovely. There were no noticeable imperfections in the silicone. There is however a seam that runs the entire length of the toy. While I could feel it with my fingers, I never noticed it during testing. So it’s not really a big deal. Both arms of the toy are very flexible but do not stay in whatever position you move they to. Instead they try to return to their original position. I had a feeling this might place a lot of pressure on my clit. It’s splashproof, not waterproof and I worried that water and lube would easily get into the battery compartment. So far I’ve had no issues, but still I worry.  The toy is only one inch at it’s maximum diameter and 4.5 inches maximum insertable length. For some people this might be too little. But my vag just can’t handle as much as my butt can, so I was plenty happy with that size. There are two bright blue lights near the buttons that show when the toy is on. They aren’t blinding, but I really don’t see the point. As this toy is silicone, clean up is simple, although I wouldn’t recommend completely submerging it.

How Does It Feel

The Arielle fit really easily inside of me, due to it’s small size and smooth silicone. Once inside, I was actually rather surprised at how comfortable  it felt. Both arms flexed easily enough so that there was no pinching or poking. The clitoral arm flexed enough to cover my clitoris, all though at times I did have to hold it so it didn’t slide off the side. And then I switched the vibe on. And here I have some mixed views.Luxe Arielle on a red stone background My post-op clitoris is very sensitive, so I was able to have my first post-op orgasm with this toy. But the power queen in me knows that these vibrations are week, pathetic, and buzzy. Turning the toy up a few notches, the buzzy vibrations become pretty unbearable. This toy definitely won’t satisfy a power queen. Honestly the only settings I was able to tolerate this toy on were the first and second settings. Anything other than that just felt miserable.

Final Thoughts

The more I used this toy, the less I liked it. I was hoping to find some redemption for this toy, as I did get my first post op orgasm with it. Despite the soft silicone and flexible shape, the vibrations on this toy make it pretty useless. Buzzy and weak make a terrible combination and unless those two words really get you going, I can’t recommend this toy.

This toy was provided to me by SheVibe in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

This toy can be purchased here: SheVibe