Black Pulse 3 Duo with transparent background

It doesn’t sound much more ridiculous than “Guybrator.” Immediately the implications are clear, the Pulse 3 Duo is a toy for men. I’m not very good at taking hints, so I bugged Hot Octopus until they sent me one. I’ve spent a long time testing this one, and I’ve reached a couple of conclusions. So allow me to set aside my disdain for the marketing (just temporarily), and give you the details on this toy. Read on for more.

I’d like to note, that this was the last review I did before my Gender Confirmation Surgery.

How Does It Look

The shell shaped mass of silicone consists of two major parts. On the bottom you have a solid mass with power and control buttons, charging points, and the so called “Pulse Plate.” On top are two wings curving over the pulse plate meant to hold the penis in position during vibrations. The wings are flexible by design, in order to accommodate different penis sizes. They feel stiff and rigid. I worry that they will be uncomfortable in use. The charging attachment is magnetic. Quite a few times it fell off mid charge.

On the bottom of the vibrator near the front of the device, there is a second vibration element. This is supposedly meant for use with a partner. A remote is provided that exclusively controls this portion of the toy. I was unable to test this part of the toy. Unfortunately i lack a stunt vulva that could provide us answers. Another mystery of the universe.

How Does It Feel
Blue Pulse III Duo with remote

Photo Credit Viva La Sexy

The vibrations are good. They are deep and rumbly. The penetrate not just my frenulum, but my shaft as well. They feel very good. It’s not strong enough to make
me orgasm on it’s own, but even the smallest anal stimulation will push me over the edge. The orgasms feel strong and impressive. I might even use words such as “toe-curling” or “intense” to describe them. But the toy itself feels uncomfortable to use. The wings are not comfortable against my clit. I’m not very large in size and I wonder how well this toy would work for those of larger girth. Even with  a thick coating of lube, things still felt awkward.  I had to pull the wings apart to get myself inside. I had to hold the wings tight to press my clit against the pulse plate. It was just awkward.

Final Thoughts

The Pulse 3 Duo has a lot of things going for it. It is silicone, waterproof, and rechargeable.  On top of that are some very powerful vibrations. But I just don’t like it. It feels awkward, often bordering on uncomfortable. It pinches my skin.  I have to hold the Pulse 3 just right to keep my clit pressed against the pulse plate. Oh and the magnet on the charger…..but that’s just being picky. Long story short, it’s not an awful product, but the Pulse is already on its third version. These issues should have already been addressed. Also, “The Guybrator.”  This product works fine on me and I’m certainly not a guy.


The Pulse III Duo was sent to me by Hot Octopuss in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

The Pulse III Duo can be purchased at: SheVibe