Noje W3 and attachments in packagingWhen I requested the Noje W3 Mini Wand so I could review it, I didn’t have high hopes. But I’ve been proven wrong before. So I decided to keep an open mind and maybe I would be surprised. Well, I did keep an open mind….. I gave it the best chance I could. But this buzzy little vibrator doesn’t do anything for me. If you want to know more details, keep reading.

How It Looks

The Noje W3 Mini Wand is a tiny hand held vibrator designed for clitoral stimulation.  This thing is only 5.25″ long and 1.25″ at its widest point. The head and neck are made of silicone, while the handle Noje W3 with attachments on black backgroundis made of ABS plastic. The mini wand is completely waterproof. It uses a rechargeable battery, with a magnetic charging cord. In my experience, the magnetic portion of the charger would fall off all too often. A single button handles on/off duties and cycles through the different intensities and  patterns. It has 5 intensity settings, and honestly I never tried the patterns. Well, that’s not quite true. I tried the patterns briefly, but quickly realized that I did not want to use them against my body. The vibrator is available in 3 colors, Rose (pinkish color), Sage (a greenish color), and I have it in Wisteria (a purplish color). Two silicone attachments are available for the toy. The battery life lasts plenty long, as I never ran it empty, despite using it for extended periods of time.

How It Feels

I’d like to say it felt good. I’d really like to say that it blew me away. My first clitoral vibe needed to be excellent. Honestly, I would have been ok with it just being decent. Why is decent so hard? Sure, the Noje isn’t atrocious. It didn’t hurt me. But is that really the words a company wants to describe their toy with? “It didn’t hurt the customer,” listed under features and specifications. But unfortunately, that’s my first thought about thisNoje W3 with transparent background vibrator. On it’s lower settings, it was tolerable. It wasn’t too buzzy or uncomfortable, but it was weak.  Pressing the Noje against my clit instantly leaves me wanting more. And that’s where the problems arise. Crank the intensity up a few notches and “tolerable” goes out the window, leaving only a buzzy uncomfortable mess. At the higher settings I could not keep the Noje pressed against my clit. I may have even tossed it on the floor in disgust, repeatedly. I needed more power and this toy could not deliver.

The two silicone attachments just didn’t work with my body. One has two protruding points, almost like bunny rabbit ears (not the sex toy type), while the other has a fin on one side and a round point on the other. My clit is far too large to fit between the two ears on the first attachment. Pressing it against my clit just didn’t transfer enough vibrations to make it useful.  As for the other attachment, I just could not find a way to make it feel good for me.

Final Thoughts

I simply can’t recommend this toy. It’s buzzy and weak. I never was able to come with this toy and to me, that makes it useless. I tried so hard to find something that I liked about this toy. It’s rechargeable, waterproof, and compact. These are great qualities, especially at this price point, but since I can’t manage to get even one orgasm with this toy, I recommend you look somewhere else. I’ve heard the Tango by We-Vibe is fabulous, so if you are looking for a compact vibe, that one is definitely worth a look.

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The Noje W3 by Blush Novelties was provided to me by SheVibe in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

The Noje W3 by Blush Novelties can be purchased here: SheVibe