Note To The Reader

I am beginning to post some of my finished drafts, to make room for some (hopefully) upcoming content. I apologize both to my readers and the companies who wonderfully sent me these products. Life got very hectic. While I am intending to return to blogging, there will probably be a large shift in the type of content I am creating. That being said, I may still continue to review toys, but it may no longer be the primary focus of my blog. I am realizing that I have many other subjects that I need to write about. Now onto the review.

Fun Factory Stronic Real

I requested the Stronic Real from Fun Factory for one reason. I had already Stronic Real, upright on a white backgroundtried another one of the Stronic line and wasn’t very impressed with it. But the Real was the perfect size to fit in my vagina, and I’m always looking for new things to try that actually fit in there. I had hoped the Real would do more for my vag than the Drei had done for my butt. I always seem to be so optimistic about new toys. Unfortunately, I found the Real to be really boring, to me at least. The same issues I found in the Drei proved to be true in the Real. With that being said, let’s just jump into the details.

How Does It Look

The Stronic Real looks like a vague approximation of a penis. It’s “real” looking, as but certainly not highly detailed. The insertable portion is made of silicone, with the body being made of hard plastic. The silicone is silky smooth to the touch. Unfortunately, it is also constantly picking up every bit of dust around it. Every time I thought I had it clean enough for photographs, I’d find more under the bright lights. The Real is available in Candy Rose, Dark Violet, and Vanilla color offerings.Purple stronic real staged on top of product box  It is waterproof, rechargeable, and uses the standard Fun Factory magnetic charger. There are 3 buttons on it’s handle. A fun button for turning it on and off, plus two buttons for changing mode and intensity. I do like that there is a travel lock which can be engaged or disengaged by holding the “Fun” button while pressing either the plus or minus button. With a maximum diameter of 1.4″ it is definitely not a large toy. But I have a very small vagina so in this case, the size was just right.  It has 7 speeds and 3 rhythm patterns. As usual, I have next to zero interest in patterns, but it’s there if you want it. I didn’t verify this, but Fun Factory claims up to two hours of charge. I never ran out of charge while using it, even during long sessions.

How Does It Feel

Boring. I’d like to just leave it at that, but that’s not exactly a helpful review. Inserting this toy was an absolute breeze. I mention this because inserting almost anything in my vagina is difficult. I don’t produce natural lubrication and I usually have to use my dilators to warm up before inserting anything. But with the small size of this, it slid in easily. Once inside, it felt quite pleasant. The shape was pleasing to my cunt. And then I turned it on. It started bouncing around wildly, but none of the motion transferred into my vag.

While I don’t have a g-spot, I do have plenty of sensitive spots in my vag and around my vulva. The Real didn’t hit any of these spots. Or any spot at all. I grabbed the toy to try and direct the pulsations to where they might do some good. This immediately and almost completely dampened the motion of the toy. If I let it just chill inside me, it just bounced around uselessly. I couldn’t get anywhere even remotely close to an orgasm. That is not exactly what you want to hear when looking for a new toy.

On the other hand, I did find that I really enjoyed the shape of the Real. I spent a lot of times just using it as a dildo. The smooth silicone felt really great for thrusting and the coronal ridge felt nice against my g-spot. Or to clarify, what amounts to my g-spot in my post-op vagina. But saying that I enjoy it as long as I turn it off certainly isn’t a great recommendation for a toy. Especially not at it’s asking price.

Final Thoughts

I just can’t recommend the Stronic Real. It doesn’t do anything for me. While I do understand that some people absolutely love it, it’s just not for me. I recommend you take a look at some of the other reviews that have been written about the Stronic line of toys. Despite my dislike of the pulsators, I would like to point out that Fun Factory is a great company that makes a large selection of quality toys. Personally I would recommend the Tiger G5.

The Stronic Real was provided to me by Fun Factory in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

The Stronic Real can be purchased here: Fun Factory | SheVibe