Stronic Drei Fushia VerticalI can’t tell you how excited I was when Fun Factory agreed to send me the Stronic Drei for review. I’ve heard so many things about how unique it felt, that I just had to try it for myself. It showed up on my doorstep a few days later, and as usual, I tried it immediately. Since then, I’ve tried every settings and reached some conclusions. Read on for more details.

How It Looks

The Stronic Drei is a pulsating toy manufactured by Fun Factory. The Stronic is comprised of smooth silicone along the insertable portion, all the way up to the handle. The plastic handle has 3 buttons set into into it, that light up when pressed or the toy is in use. The base of the handle has two metal points that connect to the “Click’N’Charge” system. This is a magnetically attached charger, that in my experience worked extremely well, and not once did it disconnect overnight. The toy has an insertable length of around 5″ and a maximum diameter of 1.75.” If this sounds like it might be too wide for you, you should know that it only reaches that width at the very end of the insertable portion. Running along the top of the toy are a series of ridges sloping upwards towards the handle.

The Stronic Drei is a pulsator according to Fun Factory. This means that instead of creating a vibration, the toy creates a back and forth motion. This pulsation is intended to stimulate thrusting. It has 9 Stronic Drei Horizontal On Boxdifferent patterns. It has the 3 that are constant speed, 3 that have increasing intensities, and 3 that are hard to describe. Holding the “Fun” button turns on the toy at a slow speed. Pressing the “Plus (+)” or “Minus(-)” buttons cycles through the various patterns. Pressing the “Fun” button turns it off immediately, and I’d like to note that I absolutely love that. I never want to have to cycle through patterns to turn off my toy. . The toy is anal safe, fully waterproof, has a travel lock, and is very easy to clean. Just remember, you can’t boil this toy or put it in the dishwasher, as this would risk damaging the motor.

How It Feels

I wasted no time getting the Stronic Drei inside me upon arrival, because I had some massively high hopes for it. As usual, I grabbed my favorite water based lube, Sliquid Sassy of course, and coated the
Stronic liberally. I pressed the toy a few centimeters inside of me and hit the first ridge.Size has never been a problem for me, but this was difficult and uncomfortable. Ridge by ridge, I pressed onward and inward, until I had it all the way in. Struggling to stretch to a new size is one thing, but this was uncomfortable and difficult. I turned on the toy hoping for Stronic Drei Back Vertical, Button Side Forwardredemption. My muscles seemed to block the motion of the toy. And thus commenced the awkward battle of finding ways to feel this toy.

I’d lay on my back,  butt to the sky, toy delicately balanced on my hand. No, I just couldn’t sit like that for long. Laying on my side blocked all feeling as my muscles clamped down hard. Finally, I layed my stomach, which i hate, but i was able to relax enough to feel the toy.  And the motions were enjoyable. I had to hold the toy very carefully so that I didn’t slow don’t the motion at all. The faster patterns seemed to blur together and I lost sensations. But some of the mid patterns felt amazing.

Unfortunately, there was an issue. The shape of the toy made it impossible to stay inside me. I had repeated instances where the Stronic went flying out of my butt. My muscles tighten every time I near orgasm, and that would send it flying . If I tried to hold the toy firm enough, it would block the thrusting motion. This is a serious killjoy.

Final Thoughts

So let me lay it out simply. The Stronic Drei is toy that looks great on paper. The silicone body and innovative thrusting looked like it was going to feel amazing, and when it wasn’t flying out of my butt, it did feel great. But it was awkward to get in, and awkward to keep it in, and I had to lay just so, to get any enjoyment out of it. So as much as I wanted to love this toy, I can’t recommend it for anal play. This is a really well made toy though, so it might work well for other genital combinations.

The Stronic Drei was provided to me by Fun Factory in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

The Stronic Drei can be purchased here: Fun Factory | SheVibe