I’ve been searching for a plug that would be a comfortable mid step between my T-Rex and my A-Bomb.  I am all about a huge stretch, but that half inch gap is a lot harder than it sounds. I’ve had the Tantus Severin on my list for a long time, but it wasn’t until very recently that I was able to review it. As usual, the toy arrived, and I set about testing. Wearing it everywhere, for long periods and short. Pages in notebooks and bottles of lube,  I filled some and emptied others.  As usual, I’ve come to conclusions and I am ready to share them with you.  Read on for my Tantus Severin Review.

How It Looks

The Severin is a medium sized silicone butt plug. I’ve reviewed a huge amount of products by Tantus, each one body safe and well made. The Tantus Severin is no exception, and it’s smooth black silicone has no flaws or marks from the molding process. The silicone is shiny and easily attracts dust. I usually prefer the more satin feel as this type eats lube and can get a bit uncomfortable. The Severin comes in 3 models but  I am only be reviewing the Large. The two bumps might seem a challenge to some, but to me they looked like the perfect size. I had some worries that the toy might be too long for my body and poke in painful places. This is never enjoyable and I always hope to avoid it. The toy is has a maximum diameter of 2.35″ and a length of 5.65.” These dimensions sound like the perfect midpoint I’m looking for.

How it Feels

As usual, the toy was barely out of the box before I had it in my butt. Oh wait, no, that is not quite true. The gap between bumps ended up being a real pain in the butt, literally. Why don’t I back up a bit?Severin Vertical For Web So as usual, I’m hovering over the toy, carefully pressing down on it. The first bump is easy, because to my body, it’s tiny.  I’m in the space between bumps, and I continue to press down, but I’m unable to move forward. I succeed eventually of course, with an odd rocking motion, that puts me at a funny angle. Once I get past the gap, the rest is easy. The size is not the issue. I don’t know if it’s the angle where the two bumps meet, but every time I put this toy in, I had difficulty. The Hoss gives me less trouble.

So it’s difficult to get in, but how does it feel? To paraphrase someone, “Doesn’t feel like much of anything to me.” The toy just doesn’t press the right spots, and I never feel real pressure against my prostate. Even hard grinding leaves me lacking. And I don’t get that feeling of fullness that I so crave. And what about as that perfect mid point to bridge the gap between sizes? Not really. The stem of the toy is just not wide enough for me to keep a decent stretch while warming up. If Tantus would lessen the depth of the gap between bumps and increase the width of the stem, this toy could be really enjoyable. But not as it is.

Final Thoughts

I had high hopes for this toy, but it just didn’t meet my needs. That’s not to say that the this is a bad toy. Far from it.  This toy is well made by a quality company and if it looks like it would fit your body, go for it. But it’s just not the toy for my body.

The Severin was provided to me by Tantus in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

The Tantus Severin can be purchased here: Tantus | SheVibe