Hoss - Large black silicone dildo with prominent coronal ridge
A few month back, I reviewed the Tantus Amsterdam, and at the time, it was the largest toy I’d ever used. But ever since then, I’ve been waiting on a toy that could allow me to beat my record. When I got home a few days ago, the Hoss  was sitting on my doorstep . I couldn’t get undressed fast enough. Read on for more details.

The Hoss is a large, black, semi realistic dildo. Tantus  used their softest silicone for this toy, so I found it easy to bend and squeeze the toy in all directions. The matte finish attracted everything, constantly, and immediately after washing, I still found myself picking hair off the toy. I’ve found that all toys I have reviewed by Tantus have been well made and of quality construction. The Hoss is no exception, and I found no mold lines or bubbles along the toy. The toy has a prominent coronal ridge, but due to the soft silicone, I didn’t expect it to provide much sensation.  A pair of non descript balls act as a base. It did fall over a few times when standing alone, but was very sturdy as I rode it, and never lost contact with the floor. The main point of this toy is of course it’s size. Standing at 11″ tall and 2.75″ in diameter, Tantus lists this as their biggest dildo, and it is just slightly wider than the Amsterdam.

This is certainly not a toy to be taken lightly or quickly and as such, I spent a long amount of time on warming up. I started out with my Vamp and T-Rex and then sat around with my A-Bomb in until I feltHoss, laying on it side with Vamp next to it for size comparison. Hoss is easily twice the size well relaxed. Finally I settled down to try the Hoss. Because of the huge size of this toy and it’s matte finish, I used a massive amount of lube. If you are attempting this toy, please don’t be afraid to cover everything with lube. I knelt over it and slowly lowered myself onto it. The taper combined with the soft silicone made it feel like a smaller toy and it ended up being easier to insert than I had expected. While I said “easier,” I do mean in comparison to the Amsterdam, which had a much flatter head. This is still a huge stretch. And that stretch was phenomenal. As usual I found a huge rush in stretching to a new size. This was my absolute favorite part of using the toy, that first moment where it is fully inserted, as I am still getting used to the size. As I had expected, the prominent coronal ridge of the toy felt practically unnoticeable inside of me.  But the girth was impossible to miss.  While I couldn’t grab the Hoss and thrust with it, as it’s large size proved awkward, it’s base made it stable for kneeling and riding. I personally can’t take more than half the length of the dildo inside me, however the softness of the silicone made it quite comfortable for quick thrusts. There was never a moment where the head poked or prodded uncomfortably. The large size of the Hoss feels incredible as I clench down on it and I always come extremely hard every time that I use this toy. I’ve found though, that this is due to the size of the toy, rather than the shape.  Regardless, I think that it feels very good.

This is absolutely a toy I’d recommend, but only if you are into large toys. It’s massive, and that is what is so enjoyable about it. It’s made of well poured silicone, by an awesome company. But if size isn’t your thing, there are other great toys that would probably be better suited.

The Hoss was sent to me by Tantus in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

The Hoss can be purchashed here: Tantus | SheVibe