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Fun Factory Tiger G5 Review

Fun Factory Tiger G5 Black Line Vertical

Not only did I get a Tiger G5 to use in my giveaway, I also received one for review. Over the past few weeks, I’ve tested it out, making sure I captured every detail. I’ve finally finished my write up, checked every sentence. So here it is, my Fun Factory Tiger G5 review!

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Fun Factory Stronic Drei Review

Stronic Drei Fushia VerticalI can’t tell you how excited I was when Fun Factory agreed to send me the Stronic Drei for review. I’ve heard so many things about how unique it felt, that I just had to try it for myself. It showed up on my doorstep a few days later, and as usual, I tried it immediately. Since then, I’ve tried every settings and reached some conclusions. Read on for more details.

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Fun Factory Bootie Review

The Bootie by Fun Factory packs a decent amount of sensation into it’s minuscule design. I picked up the Bootie for myself after hearing a consistent amount of good reviews across the blog sphere. Read on for more details.

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