20160808_171404.jpgThe T-Rex by Tantus is a large, semi-realistic, anal safe silicone dildo, with an extremely prominent coronal ridge. When I first saw it being reviewed on other blogs, it was always that ridge that caught my eye. It was quite a while between first sight and it ending up on my doorstep, but it’s here now, and I definitely have a few things to say about it.

20160808_171752.jpg The T-Rex is made by Tantus, and as usual their quality is excellent. The dildo is made of 100% Ultra Premium Silicone, which makes it body safe, and very easy to clean. Just remember that you should be using water based lubes with this and all silicone toys. The silicone is mildly flexible, but has very little, if any, give to it, which may make it harder to insert. The head of the toy is smooth and almost shiny, with the rest of the shaft having a matte finish. The finish attracts dust and lint like a magnet, so make sure to rinse it before use. There is mild detailing on the head and a few noticeable veins on the shaft. The coronal ridge is the most prominent detail along the entire toy, and it has a very small amount of flex to it, although that doesn’t make much difference in use. There are also a pair of small, unrealistic balls, placed 3/4 an inch above the base. The T-Rex is available in both black and midnight purple (I have it in black). The toy is slightly more than 8″ from base to tip, but only the first 5 3/4″ can be inserted due to the positioning of the balls. While I have heard a few complaints about this, it’s actually the perfect length for me, so I’m fine with it. But if you want more length, you might want to check out other options. The coronal ridge has a maximum diameter of 2 1/4″ narrowing down to 2″ along the shaft.It has quite a bit of weight to it and sits well on its base. The base is harness compatible, provided you have a large enough o-ring.

Before I could try the T-Rex, I spent quite a bit of time warming up. Due to the size, I would highly recommend that anyone who uses this toy, gradually work their way up with 20160808_171728 Modifiedsmaller dildos. This toy literally drinks lube, so I had to use quite a bit before I was able to fit it inside me.Once I got it inside though, I was momentarily overwhelmed by the size of it. It was like being split in two, and I just hovered there for a few moments, trying not to slip. Sensation settled a bit and I was able to continue. As I slowly lowered myself further, the ridge made itself known. Others had stated that the ridge would “scrape” and I have to concur that that, is the only way to describe the sensation. It doesn’t hurt, it’s just extremely intense. It pressed against my prostate, almost as strongly as my Pure Wand. But whereas the Pure Wand was very smooth, the T-Rex is a scraping. Thrusting with the toy drags the ridge along the prostate, and it quickly overwhelms my ability to think properly. This is the kind of toy that I absolutely don’t want to stop. Unfortunately, this toy is very heavy, and quickly tires my arm out. Orgasms while using this toy were extremely strong and intense. I’ve used it quite a few times while prepping for this review and it hasn’t gotten any less intense or enjoyable.

After trying the T-Rex, I’m in love. Its large girth and coronal ridge provide intense stimulation, and it’s silicone build makes it totally body safe. The only downsides are the weight, and the fact that many may not be able to use it do to its size. If you enjoy large toys, intense prostate stimulation, and are comfortable with the size, I would highly recommend the Tantus T-Rex.

The T-Rex is made by Tantus and can be purchased here Tantus