Acute No Background

The Acute by Tantus is the first body safe toy that I ever purchased. This small silicone dildo became the foundation of my ever growing toy collection. I’ve owned it for awhile now and I wanted to take the time to give my thoughts on it.

The Acute is a Tantus product, which means high quality. It’s made of 100% Ultra Platinum Silicone, body safe, and easy to clean. There are no defects in the dildo, and the midnight purple is very beautiful (it also comes in purple haze and pearl white). It has a oval shaped base that is both harness compatible and anal safe, both of which I’ve tried. The silicone has a smooth and glossy finish throughout, and is quite flexible along the shaft, with little give. One note about the finish, it attracts everything. While trying to take the picture, I had to rinse it off repeatedly, because dust just flocked to it. It’s a smaller toy, with a maximum diameter  of 1 1/4″ at the head, narrowing down to 1 1/8″ along the shaft. It has a total length of 5″ with almost all of that usable.

20160809_170946_modifiedBut how does it feel? Well, insertion is quite easy with a toy of this size.  A little bit of water based lube and it slid it with minimal effort. I felt it graze past my prostate and for a moment was hopeful. Would this toy prove to have decent prostate stimulation? But that’s all it was, a graze. Thrusting and angling with this toy proved fruitless, because the flex in the shaft conspired to keep the head out of reach of my prostate. I also took incident with the base. It’s oval shape made it slightly unstable when set on the floor, and difficult to grasp when held in my hand. Needless to say, this toy added very little to my orgasms. My fingers would have done a far better job. When used with a harness and a partner, I found it similarly underwhelming while receiving.

Would I recommend the Acute? If you need a toy with girth, strong prostate stimulation, or a stable, easy to grasp base, then the Acute is not for you. But if you are new to anal, and want a toy that won’t overwhelm your first try, then this toy might be of use to you. It is well made, by a quality company, but for me it’s going back to the back of the closet.

The Acute is made by Tantus and can be purchased here: Tantus