20170103_223612_Cropped_No Background.pngFrom the moment I saw the Split Peaches Unicorn Horn, I had to have it. Why did I need it? Because it’s a dildo, shaped like a unicorn horn. What other reason do I  need? It practically guarantees a magical time for my butt. Read on to separate fact from fairy tale.

How It Looks

The Unicorn Horn is made by  a company called Split Peaches. As are all of their toys, it is made entirely of platinum cure silicone, making it body safe and easy to clean. The toy is 8″ long with a 7.25″ of that being insertable. It has a maximum diameter of 2″ narrowing to 1.25″ at the tip. It’s shaped, surprisingly, like a unicorn horn, with multiple spirals rising up from the base to the tip. These create a slightly bumpy texture along the length of the horn. The base is wide and very easy to hold in my hand. The toy stands on it’s own well medium-pastel-no-background_original-sourceand is very stable. The silicone is flexible enough to bend the toy easily, however it has very little give to it when squeezed. It has a glossy finish to the pour. The version I am reviewing is the medium Unicorn Horn in Pastel Pleasures. It is also available in sizes small & large, and colors Rainbow, Pearlescent White, and I believe Metallic Blue.

How It Feels 

Inserting the Unicorn Horn was easy, as the firm, and rather small, tip allowed it to easily slide inside of me. I lowered myself onto it, and accidentally poked the toy into the end of my rectum, hard. Most toys, including this one, are too long for me to insert entirely. I’ve become quite adept at gauging the maximum depth I can thrust with a toy without poking myself. Also, many of the dildos I own, have either very large heads, or softer heads, both of which make it less painful when I hit my maximum depth. This is not one of those toys. It’s tip is small and firm, and I poked myself way too many times throughout the course of testing the Unicorn Horn. Besides the poking, I found the Horn generally unsatisfying. It never hit my prostate, no matter how I angled it, and while the slight bumps of the horn felt “ok” when inserted slowly, the sensation disappeared with even moderate thrusting. Also, because of how narrow it is near the top, it never felt very filling, which to me is very important.

Final Thoughts

The Unicorn Horn by Split Peaches is a lovely looking toy. And by that I mean it’s nice to look at. It is also well made and by a lovely company. But beyond that, I found it highly unenjoyable. It was too firm and narrow at the tip for me to be able to enjoy it. While I understand that not everyone will have issues with it poking, the fact is that it doesn’t hit my prostate at all. It poked all the wrong parts and didn’t manage to hit any of the right ones. For those seeking a fairy tail finish, I would recommend other toys.

The Unicorn Horn was sent to me by SheVibe in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

The Unicorn Horn can be purchased here: SheVibe