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I had high hopes when I received the Anaconda for review. It ticked off a number of my check boxes and I thought that I would love it. It’s taken me a while to come to grips with how I feel about this toy, but I finally have a handle on it. Read on for more details.

The Anaconda is a silicone dildo, made by Tantus. As it is silicone, it is easy to clean, but should only be used with water based lube. The dildo ┬áis 7″ insertable length with a handle at the end, designed for easy gripping. It has a maximum diameter of 1.75″ and very little taper. The toy is firm all along the insertable portion, and slightly softer where it forms the handle. The shaft is textured, and the head is smooth and shiny. The Anaconda is available in 3 colors, strawberry (which I have), twilight, and black.

The Anaconda is well within my comfort size, so I spent no time warming up before trying 20161118_195910_Cleaned_Cropped.jpgit out. I used a ton of lube because of the texture, and quickly slid it inside of me. And just as quickly noticed the texture. Thrusting with the toy felt mildly irritating against my sphincter, as if I were being slightly scraped. I had hoped that the ridge on the toy would feel great against my prostate, but all I could notice was the texture.

The next time around, I warmed up with a larger toy, hoping that I would be relaxed enough not to notice the texture. But still, the texture was all I could feel. Using the handle felt awkward and I longed for a regular base to grab and thrust with. It was hard to do the short quick thrusts I prefer when aiming for my prostate.

Also, I always feel a little sore after using it. I guess I really can’t handle texture.

That being said, other people have loved the Anaconda. It is absolutely not a bad toy, just not something that I care for. If you like texture, which I don’t, and want something firm with a bit of girth, which I do, then your experience with this toy might be far more enjoyable.

I personally did not enjoy this toy. There is nothing wrong with this toy, although I think the handle feels very akward to use. Had it had a smooth finish, I feel that I would have had far more positive things to say about it.

The Anaconda was provided by Tantus in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

You can purchase the Anaconda here: Tantus