The Sam is a large and highly realistic silicone dildo made by Tantus. Made with Tantus O2 Dual Density Silicone, incredible detailing, and a large girth, this dildo gave me a lot of reasons to get excited. Add in the included bullet vibe and suction cup and this was shaping up to be a great package. Unfortunately, Sam just rubs me the wrong way.

Sam is made of Tantus Ultra-Premium Silicone, which means it easy to clean and easy to take care of. Tantus used their O2 Dual Density Silicone, so it is squishy on the outside and firm on the inside. The head is made almost entirely of the softer silicone and has quite a bit of squish to it. The shaft has a decent give when squeezed, but firm enough that it doesn’t flex when inserting. The silicone is heavily detailed, with veins and texture running across it’s entirety. I have the toy in cream and it comes in cocoa and mocha as well and it is absolutely lovely to look at. The toy has an insertable length of 7.3″ and a maximum diameter of 1.8″ along the shaft. The base is not flat, so it will not sit on it’s own, but it does include a suction cup, so you can stick it anywhere you please. Tantus also includes a bullet vibe. It’s the same one included in many of their packages and I wrote about it in another review.

Because of the heavy texturing on the toy, I used quite a generous helping of lube when trying this toy. I am quite comfortable with a toy of this size, so it slid in quickly and 20161009_131221-modified-croppedeasily. But please take the time to warm up if you need to. Upon insertion, I realized, almost immediately, that the texture was too much for me. It felt rough against my sphincter and thrusting with the toy felt like I was being rubbed raw. And it left me sore afterwards, and not in the good way. That being said, I’ve had some decent orgasms with this toy. It’s head feels nice against my prostate and its girth gives me something to squeeze on when I orgasm. The suction cup worked wonderfully and stayed put, no matter how hard I rode the toy. But as much as I like the size and dual density silicone, I just can’t get over the texture.

The Sam is a good toy, for those who like girth and texture. It is well made and feels great to use, if you like texture. For those who want the girth, but don’t enjoy the texture, I would recommend The Duchess or The Vamp. Similar size, much less texture. This will not be one of my everyday toys, as it just rubs me the wrong way.

I was sent the Sam by Tantus in exchange for an honest and unbiased review

You can purchase the Tantus Sam here Tantus | SheVibe